Just Visting

"Michael Ignatieff:
  • Spent 34 years living in America and Europe
  • Returned to Canada to run for Prime Minister
  • Will go back to US if not elected
That’s not leadership. That’s just visiting."

from a Conservative Party leaflet

Michael Ignatieff:
  • Spent 36 years living in America and Europe
    • As a child, lived in New York, Washington, Belgrade and London while his father was posted there as a diplomat
    • Obtained a PhD in history from Harvard
    • Taught at King’s College, Cambridge
    • Worked as a writer and broadcaster based in London
    • Taught at Harvard

  • Returned to Canada to teach at the University of Toronto and run for MP, not PM
    • Succeeded in being elected to the Etobicoke—Lakeshore riding

  • Did not go back to US when he failed to win his party’s leadership in 2006
    • Lost his leadership bid in 2006 to Stephane Dion, but persisted with the Liberal Party and stayed in Canada

Of note, current Conservative MPs born outside Canada:
  • Nina Grewal, born in Japan, educated in India, worked in Liberia before moving to Canada at age 23
  • Alice Wong, born in Hong Kong and moved to Canada at age 32
  • Devinder Shory, born and educated in India, moved to Canada in his 20’s
  • Inky Mark, born in China, immigrated to Canada at age 7, educated in part in Seattle
  • Peter Kent, born in England to Canadian parents, spent 40 years of his adult life as a journalist and broadcaster in Canada and abroad
  • Moved to Canada as children:
    • Daniel Petit, born in Belgium
    • Tony Clement, born in England
    • Vic Toews, born in Paraguay
    • Steven Fletcher, born in Brazil to Canadian parents
The Conservative Party does not question—nor should it, nor anyone else—the commitment of these parliamentarians to serve Canada on the basis of their birthplace, race, or time abroad.

Also notable: US President Obama’s life abroad
  • Resided in Indonesia from ages six to ten
US President Clinton’s life abroad
  • Studied on a Rhodes Scholarship at University College, Oxford
Number of Canadian citizens currently living abroad: 3 million
Proportion of Canadians in a recent poll who thought this was “generally a good thing”: 67%
Proportion of Canadians who did not vote for the Conservative Party in the last election: 62%

Ignatieff biographies from the Canadian Encyclopedia, the Globe and Mail, and Net Glimse [sic]
The Environics poll
House of Commons listings for MPs born outside Canada

Stephen Harper spending time on his sofa, in Canada,
like a proper Canadian. That's leadership.

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